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“Corrective Farriery” starts with what is probably the most detailed equine anatomy ever published. There are chapters on hoof conformation,hoof repair, and hoof cracks, how to apply glue on horseshoes and much more. Subjects are covered from both the Veterinary and farriers viewpoints, and the way in which both professions use their education and skills to promote healing. This is a multi author book for Farriers, Veterinary and Horse owners. Authors are eminent Farriers, Veterinary Surgeons and related professionals fromaround the world. With over 300 pages and 400 color illustrations,this is Volume 1 of 2, in a series of Corrective Farriery, Remedial Horseshoeing, Corrective Horseshoeing, Corrective Shoeing.Topics in this Volume Include: Anatomy, Imaging the Foot and Leg,Hospital Plate Horseshoes, Foot Balance, Laminitis, Injuries to theHoof Capsule and more. Volume One. Edited by Simon Curtis.


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